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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  February 9, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> neighborhoods in the massachusetts could i have the line living under emergency warnings right now. an ocean sea wall has been breeched. the blizzard carried with high
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winds up above 80 miles per hour in areas and now in the town frigid water pouring in the streets. at this hour people are leaving their homes. we are standing by to bring a live report. we'll bring you the latest from there and the blizzard has been punishing in other ways. hundreds of thousands of poom -- people without electricity. stranded travelers and triggered evacuation and claimed lives. from the hardest hit area as a new threat. >> and brand new video of a fugitive excop and accused killer. this was christopher dorner when he was on the right side of the law . now former police colleagues hunting him down for a suspected multiple murder.
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new developments as the search stretches in several states and in mexico . a great day for america on mars. the rover name would curiosity making history on the red planet. well, the snow has stopped, and now the big dig is beginning for millions of americans from maine to new york . people dealing with three feet of fresh snow. the drift so large people cannot even open their doors . the storm blame would for six deaths . this video from massachusetts shows that storm driven title surge, topping a sea wall in the coastal town of situt . flood waters surging down the streets and overtaking
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neighborhoods. emergency crews are respond a lot of 911 calls for people trapped . police are making sure everybody is getting out safety. the one playing out in several coastal computers here tonight . work to restore power to hundreds of're thousands of people and temperatures are forecast to go below freezing . travel bans in massachusetts and rhode island. they have situations like this making the clean up difficult for plow drivers . hundreds of abandoned cars are sitting on the longhorns expressway . emergency crews rescuing the drivers and others forced to spend the night in their car x. molly line has been braving the elements . she kickings off the folks team coverage. flooding is a big challenge at this hour.
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>> we want to start with a dangerous situation. both in north and south in boston and low, lying areas. we talk about a coastal talk and they have seen flooding. this came in over the seawall and frigid ice cold water over the streets. it could freeze and stay in place and cause a lot of the imagines for the firefighters . big heavy equipment and wading house to house . using it to try to insure that everyone is save and can get out and get them to shelterings. there are report're hundreds of people in the state and also in the north shore. salsbury beach evacuated and dangerous situation and also the firefighters check in on folks . family in the area and plum island also getting smacked hard. that is a vacation area off of
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the coast and a lot of structural damage. they am assess it to get to it and who knows when that will be. this is an area where the water has actually yet to lead . we'll shed light on the dangerous situations. >> molly while you have been talking there is traffic buving . the roadways are opening up and people are told to stay off of the road. travel ban put in halted at 4:00 . they say there is no body rain to be out here. a lot of secondary have inches was snow on them . logan airport will be opening up . the t-here in boston, transit system is remaining shutting down . people go out to dig out their calls and two fatalities and
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one a boy to dig out and he got cold and he asked if hoos father was okay to sit in the floor. another man was bound in a car this afternoon. people need to be reminded of the dangers of carbon monoxides. nthe last thing you want to do is it crack your window but you need a oxygen flow. molly, thank you very much. >> forecasters warned united states that it a potential to be a big one. records fem as fast as the snow. portland maine set a high mark . thousands of homes electricity in the height of the storm and stranded vehiclings were a common sight in portland. we showed you the flooding and warnings in the massachusetts coastline . now we are learning that
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fluxeating temperatures and going to rise in the daytime and bringings a new set of problems for people. maria molina is here with the back and forth. >> hiharris. we see a dramatic warm up. we'll be talking about rapid snow melt. it is exceeding 30 inchs and one spot in connecticut picked up 40 inches of snow and incredible in longhorns and parts of massachusetts picking up over 30 inches. 30.4 inches in new boston and portland maine . a lot of snow on the ground and going to stay there and going to be monday, rapid snowfall affected . the wind was howling and exceeding 35 miles per hour .
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you we saw winds hurricane-force . luckily it is it exiting the region. we have lingering snow showers and the worst is overwith in terms of additional snowfall in portions of maine and massachusetts and new hampshire . forecast wind chill tonight and tomorrow morning, it is going frigid out here. it is going to be frigid and below zero wind chills and also in the state of the rhode island and parts of longhorns and -- long island and new jersey it is going to be frigidsustained afternoon temperatures will see temperatures above freezing and monday it is it a milder day . wide spread high temperatures in the 40s and you will be geth rainfall to top off that snow melt it is going to be
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rapid monday and tuesday and high temperatures in the 40s in areas of massachusetts and down in new york city . heading west ward, we have a brand new winder storm . this has blizzard conditions tonight and tomorrow morning . wide spread time period and blizzard conditions and harris on the southern end we'll have severe weather in texas and oklahoma . the storm heads east tomorrow and more severe weather . mississippi and alabama. >> maria, we'll check back with you on that situation as we go one extreme to the other. >> and what aed to be from space. nasa satellites. capturing what the storm was looking like as it hit us yesterday . blanketing a huge portion
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under a mass of white clouds. we are watching that situation in massachusetts on the coastline and people are evacuated and we'll check back on that inside of the fox report. we'll check to massive man hunt, day 4 for a fugitive wanted for a string of vengeance video. we are seeing brand new video of christopher dorner in police training. that is him on the left doing the screaming. dorner in the lafd and getting physical with a co-worker who is playing the role of a criminal. he is a former navy reserve it and people trying to catch him . the former police officer is suspected of going on a deadly
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rampage to get back on those whind happened his career. quah n's father represented dorner when he lost his job. they are guarding 40 people he mentioned in his on lineman festo in which he vowed to bring warfare. the search for him is over three states and now in mexico. as they search empty cabins for the colleague. they're aware they could be walking in the trap. >> they are look in the san bernardino mountains. snowfall grounded helicopters and hampered their efforts. they're on the sight of big bear lake and just a few minutes ago, conditions where searchers were looking. >> harris, this is it the san
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bernardino county sheriff command post. it is just below bear mountain which goes all the way up to 9,000 feet. it is it precisely in of the area that they are sending out the swat teams for the past three days now and no sign of christopher dorner. >> there is it a big yellow one . they go up the hims it is so difficult with all of the snow, thape had to put the snow chains to the atv's. >> wow, he's giving us a look at what hours ago authorities hoped the clearing skies would help them find dorner. no one knows what he will do next. alisia is live in los angeles. what are police saying about their investigation. >> harris, they say they are still on it despite the fact that there is no sign of
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christopher dorner since his burning truck was found. they have received a heavy number of tips and sightings . here they remain on guard and protect the officers listed in dorner's manifesto targets. the mayor was given a briefing. >> we don't want to tip our hand to mr. dorner, he may be watching your news program. when you file this report, we don't want to let him know what why know. we are following every lead and we are working around the clock to find him. >> harbis, the search is in three decates and northerb mexico. >> viewers are stim focused on the bear lake area and san bernardino mountinis, why is that do we know? >> that was the last known possible place where he play
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have been. the heat seeking air patrol was back in the air in hopes of finding evidence he is still there. they are scouring the area where he could have taken off of from thing truck. however, they can't say he's left either. crew members were up talkug to fireworkings . others sape they are nirvoise and others say they do feel safe. harris? >> thank you very much. right now the east coast under a blanket of snow. electricity is out for more than half million and warming sister-in-law are opening up -- centers are opening up . er nay major airport. a plane crash forcing that airport to close. we are learning who was on board and did not make it out
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>> governor dan maboy opening up warming center . it is anticipated of a warm up in the beginning of the week . crewing are working to open up highway essis . dan bowens is in fairfield kansas. dan. >> we are here in fairfield connecticut. there is 36 customers without power . one reason. it is slow going geth to the areas . it is a layer of snow there and still slow going.
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the numbers are 22 inches . shy of two feet of snow. it is not just dangerous but leadly. this is an elderly woman who was hit by a vehicle. he put that in place overnight. many are on i-95 and heading north . they have three feet of snow on them and trying to shovel their way out . they can't get anymore and it is sunday before all of these streets are pleaed . we heard stories of herorics and a woman in her home about
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to get birth. they picked her up and got her to the hospital. we are told that mom and baby are doing just fine. he served the nation and known as an expert sniber in iraq. it was breaking news right here on the fox and new information where the navy seal with chris kyle. >> and making history on mars. it makes us upon feel proud. stay with us. .
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>> fox news a memorial service will be held on monday for a retired navy seal who was murdered in texas. chris kyle died after being shot in a run rage and sort. another veteran was charged with his death. he was one of the most lethal snipers and he leaves behind a wife and two children. in washington lawmakers are debating sequestration, that is it a trillion in automatic across the boopered spending. that could hit our military hard and set to kick in on march 1st. the latest round from peter doocy from washington. peter? >> harris, in a fall debate,
4:26 pm
president obama said the sequester will not happen and now the white house said domestic programs will be cut nine percent and military programs 13 percent this year unless congress takes action. >> putting our fiscal house in order calls for a house in order and not cuts that severely impact the military preparedness. >> condition republicans gave a lot of ground . the p.m. got the higher taction with no corsphonding cuts. spending is still the program and military leaders are sounding the alarm. instead of a first rate power that is a result of sequester. they result to food inspections and customer service and i.r.s. and social security . emergency unemployment
4:27 pm
compensation benefitings. the republican buck mekan said i don't doubt programs will be in jeoparpedy. to consider deeper cuts to the military as a way to stolve a financial crisis driven by entitlement programs is it irresponsible and unacceptable. >> peter said that right now the u.s. spends 40 cents of every dollar on military and that will drop to 38 cents. >> now the massive man hunt stretching in mexico . three states. they are hunting a expolice officer who is on a rampage killing at least three people. talk to a criminal psychologist about suspect christopher dorner. >> and chemically balanceds in a plant. beiltell you about it.
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fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >> it is time for the top of the news, flooding now. a serious threat for hundreds of thousands of people living in coastal areas in massachusetts. this is just gingas all of the areas on the east coast and digging out from a huge snow storm. massachusetts governor duval
4:32 pm
patrick lifting a state wide traffic band. bob ward is with fox affiliate wfxt. that is south of boston. i want to get right to the area where the sea wall is breeched and people are in harm's way. it has happened in prevous storms and the big one blizzard of 78 and almost exactly from today . people are in harm's way and earlier today when the tides rolled in. that's when the danger was at its worst. they went out and knocked on doors and trying to get people out of the way it is it a potentially dangerous situation and not only south of boston, but also in the glouster area . that is in sit yout and down in plymouth, massachusetts and
4:33 pm
a lot of pouter outages. >> and for new england. 650,000 people along the eastern sea board and you and i talking moments ago . in the commercial break. they are in the areas that are hit by all of the rushing water. southeastern massachusetts to boston and cape cod. i that is hit hardest . i am in foxboro, we got two feet overnight . all of this snow came down in this blizzard. we were having a mild winter before the blizzard of 2013 hit. but this is one thing. people are digging out. cusee the cars going out . other people on the sea coast, they are facing different.
4:34 pm
temperatures are drop no power and that means no heat and just a tough situation for those people. >> we know that mirns across the country will keep them in their prayers. we are getting e-mails and tweets and posts. we appreciate the report tonight. >> plenty of fox fewers are hit hard - viewers are hit hard by the storm. brian from connecticut said driving there is pretty much out of the question. you can see why. this was life there earlier today. black shot this-- blake shot this shot walking his dog. jeanne lives in sunny texas and her brother sent her this picture from maine. up in fort land record snowfall . snow blower is up against a
4:35 pm
wall of snow in that area. we love getting your pictures. go to fox report. remember snap. >> an expolice officer bent on revenge and apparently willing to die. he's still roaming free and no one knows what he will do next. police are dealing with tough terrain in southern california. they are trying to find christopher dorner. he's the former la pd officer suspected of killing three people already. he posted a manifesto on line . we are about to you new video. this is dorner training with the lapd. he is just as well trained as the people trying to catch him. he knows their tactics and this is it a still photo.
4:36 pm
we have moving as well >> dorner has one thing they do not have. the element of surprise. joining us is a criminal psychicologist for the center for study of violence. >> happy to be here. >> as the public watches the storp store and this is not new. but this is different. dorner is not just dangerous to the pime on the manifesto list, is he. if we are going to catch him we'll have to understand what he is about. let's try to understand dorner has a history of the violent and explosive behavior. kicked out of high school for fighting and kicked out of football for fighting and snaps at injury or insult . look being at the manifesto.
4:37 pm
it is it filled with grandosity. high said i will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare. you have awakened the sleeping there is it no conventional threat assessment to match me. this is someone who is a narcciti. filled with anger and ready to act out a murderous vengeance. >> he also wrote that life was ruined for him. does he want to die? how does that happen what is next? >> when we look at the manifesto in cases like it is it one-half grandios threat and the other is a suicide note. talking about his depression
4:38 pm
and his own death and viewers who read the manifesto, wondered why he talked about his favorite actors or musicians. this is what they write at the end of their life. given that he is a narcisis. he's planning a blaze of glory kill take out as main enemies he can and using the tactics and procedures that he can and heavily armed status and at the same time take himself out it is it also possible he committed suicide and more clever than that . heap's starting to plan a more clever escape . it may be why they are starting to turn the search toward mexico. >> watch and listen to something. can we play the training video that fox news obtained and answer a quion the other side.
4:39 pm
let's watch. >> i will talk while we play the video. doctor, we can see christopher dorn and his name is on the back of the shirt and obviously well train has been in the military as well . this is it a guy he knows the force he's fight trying to attack. what will he do next . sure. apart from the fact that he is well trained, this video shows us something else and this reenforces it. he's not only well trained but he's one of the more enthusiastic upon combatants in the training. what does that tell us? it tells us that rage
4:40 pm
contained can be used for good. rage uncontain happened can explode and be used for evil. based on his writing he is in an uncontrolled state right now . there is it a 50 percent chance he will present himself back before the authorityings. why? not cliche much of giving himself up. he want to confront his accusers and heap'sy -- he's enraged. but the other possibility is that he will be clever, tactical . heap's not unlike jered laugner and he will take out as many as he can when he goes out in the blaze of glory.
4:41 pm
people in california, trach care, watch out. be looking for this man. >> that's what people -- police are telling anyone in the bear area. he could be going south of there. dr. allen litman looking at that manifesto and helping us to try to understand. appreciate your time >> and a bus caring young soccer fans careened off of the road and an ravine. it is it our top story. chile. that bus crashes in a mountainous area. 16 people die. one of them a baby. fans heading home from a match. there were no seat belts on board and the bus was not built to handle the winding
4:42 pm
roadway. >> belg jum. a snaul plain hit the ground and kiming five people on board. three children, and their mom and grand dad. the cessnahad trouble to take off . the pime tried to return. the plane crashed on the side of the run way. >> and australia, water bombing plays and helicopters helping firefighters in a massive wildfires in alpine national park. it is it burning close to homes and people on alert to get out when told. china, fireworkings lighting up bijing and celebrating the year of the snake. the party expected to last until early hours of sunday. first day of the lunar new year. that's a wrap on the fox trip
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4:47 pm
before the service. she died january 29th talking with friends after a park. the shooting appears to be a shutting . no arrest have been made in the investigation . new cameras. new's cameras rolling as a car slams in a candle light vigil . >> and four people hospitalized after a car came out of no where. he hit in the same spot days earlier. this crash was no accident and claimed that the white car turned off of his lights before flooring it in the a
4:48 pm
crowd. >> texas, a series of explosions and blowing a whole in the roof near houston. hundreds of firefighters trying to put out the fire before it got worse. one worker was flown to a nearby hospital. >> utah, a moose on the loose. this oversized guest making himself home in people's back yards in suburban salt lake city and looked frightened and charged the neighbors. the wild life teams tranquilized it and turned it to the open woods. >> arizona, a soldier home after a year overseas and surprising hotdogs three children one at a time. his first stop even year old daughter. >>s at a son's high school filling the.
4:49 pm
>> and 15 year old son is reading in front of the class . the sergeant was nomit finished. his final stop for a three year old daughter and stopping by her day care . >> this was the toughest. when i left she was in diapers . now she's potty trained. and welcome home, papa. >> that's the fox watch in american. we are closer to finding out what there is. nasa with an amazing day in space . neighbors and police all coming to see what was in a woman's truck in florida. >> thra there was a family that pulled in front of my parking space . say don't move. you have something in the grill of your truck. i said what is it .
4:50 pm
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america makes news on marrings. it drimed in the mars service . showing evidence of water on mars. what you are seeing here is a time lapse . rover's arm and extending a drill bit. this is it the first time any robot drilled in a rock to collect a sample on mars. they'll use it to analyze the rock powder. wow. we would like to check with our fox affiliates to see if
4:54 pm
they are working on anything that stands out. for a pick up truck and something you don't see every day. they look in grill . suv. she sees a huge yellow blinking eye. >> your eyes are not deceiving you. you are looking at ole - owl stuck in the suv. >> i was driving 60 miles per hour and he never moved and i said oh, my god. i hit a bird but it was very dark. >> she had no clue he flew through the grill. it was in central florida. she drove south to planation . the entire old yellow eyes tagged along.
4:55 pm
running areas in south florida she knew he was canged in the suv. >> there was a family that pull would in the and flagged don't move, you have something in the drill of your truck. i said yes. they said it is it an owl. >> and she called florida fish and wild life. it is it a great horned owl and they're common in central florida. >> look at it >> that's because she feels guilty but the owl is in good shape. >> she will closely example it and figure tut out if it needs medical treatment. i understand there was quite a crowd around that situation, it was big breaking news today. glad the little guy is okay. a dangerous situation that we
4:56 pm
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i can even drop off free boxes. i wear a lot of hats. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service®, no business too small. >> this in. from the t-. homeland security and transportation security administration want to warn travelers now. they're monitoring reportsots search for christopher dorner. the expolice officer in los angeles. currently a manhunt. he is accused of killing one police officer and wounding two other and kiming the daughter and police union representative. the ta is saying all operators to have an increased level of awareness concerning suspicious activity in the airports in the nation. ta is suggesting that aircraft and airport


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